Fluffy bunny yoga: good for your soul


Source: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BT6U5z7IcAATMY4.jpg:medium

Yoga. So many women, and men, now swear by this particular form of exercise. But why? For me it’s all the benefits that yoga gives, not only does your body become more toned in all the right places but yoga also leads to stress reduction, improved balance/flexibility/strength, and can even help manage some chronic medical conditions such as heart diseases and high blood pressure. And on the less medical side, it also can boost self confidence and happiness. by intensely focusing on the flow of the moves you can even banish your negative thoughts.

But many think that they can’t do yoga, but I’m here to tell you ANYONE can do yoga. Even if you don’t start out looking like a lulu lemon model, that doesn’t mean it’s not working. While joining a yoga class at your local gym is commonly considered the best way to learn yoga, and also the easiest way to learn the correct way to do all the poses, you can do yoga anywhere, including your dorm or home.

Your routine can be as simple as the one above, it still works and does all those great things! And think of it like this, if cute little bunnies can do this routine, than so can you, no matter what your skill set is. And what better way to get your dream body than to set some calming music up and follow along with fluffy bunnies as you de stress and reenergize? Just try it, you may be surprised with how good you feel when you’re done.

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