5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Fever


Summer is merely a short month or two away, and I know all of y’all are craving it just as badly as I am right now. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of all the extra energy that spring fever is giving you!

  • Exercise Outdoors — since the weather is finally warming up, you can take your workout outside without being miserably cold or having to worry about wearing layers upon layers of warm workout gear. Even if you aren’t a regular exerciser, something as simple as taking a walk through your neighborhood can help clear your mind and leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.

  • Study Outdoors — Bring your homework outside on a sunny afternoon and soak up the sun while doing your work! If this isn’t a good option for you, considering opening a window to allow warm spring air to enter your room — but make sure you turn the air conditioning off so you don’t cost your parents a ton of money on the AC bill!

  • Make a Summer Playlist — make a summer playlist of all your favorite summer songs to listen to while you’re doing your homework. It’ll lift your mood and help you to feel summery even when you’re still stuck in school.


  • Take Frequent Breaks — because spring fever brings high energy levels, it can be really hard to focus at times. Take lots of study breaks, but work your hardest in between breaks with no distractions. Try a 25 minute work period with absolutely nothing distracting (block those websites! Put your phone in another room! Whatever is necessary) and then take a 5 minute break that involves moving around, such as stretching in your room or doing 100 jumping jacks. These breaks will help you to get your energy out so that you can better focus during your work periods.

  • Take Advantage of Fresh Food — in the spring/early summer months, most fruits and vegetables are in season and super fresh. Take advantage of these healthy and natural snacks to keep your energy up in a delicious way!

We’re soooo close to summer Smart Girls! Hang in there, you’ve almost made it!

Claire F. 

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Claire Francis

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