Skin Care 911


Even though you’re already a flawless Smart girl, you might just go ahead and put pounds of makeup on anyway. Be careful though, your daily skincare routine can be putting your skin at even more of a risk! Use this check list to make sure you’re helping yourself and not harming yourself.

The Never Ending Cycle

It is no myth that girls will do anything to cover up an embarrassing blemish. Now and then it’s OK to cover up a zit here and there but when your putting on a layer of foundation everyday your causing yourself tons of more zits! So, its like an endless cycle; cover up one zit with foundation, get more zits from the foundation, and so forth and so on. Since its summer, let your skin breathe and try to avoid your foundation.

Read your ingredients!

Reading the ingredients on the back of your products isn’t just for food, but just as important for beauty products. In a moisturizer you want something that has active ingredients, much better for your skin! You also want your skincare products to have an SPF, you are capable of skin damage in any weather. Foundations that contain absorbant powders (silica, alumina, cornstarch, or talc) will help manage shine and control oil. If you have dry skin you should be looking for foundations with avocado oil, sesame oil, and jojoba oil.

 Put Your Makeup To Rest

When you are feeling exhausted at night, your face is feeling it too. It’s key to take off all your makeup at night and moisturize after doing so. If you don’t, you’re letting It sink into your pores, causing breakouts.

Womens Health Magazine Best Skincare Buys:

Best Foundation: Bare Minerals ID Foundation (Sephora)

Best Mosurizer: Yes To Cucumbers Calming Night Cream (

Best Cleanser: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

** As a personal user, I would highly recommend this cleanser!


Meg McLaughlin

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