Stay Healthy: Quick Cardio Workout


In the midst of studying and work, Smart Girls might struggle to get a in a hefty workout. But if you’ve got a half hour to spare, you’ve got time for this quick workout. Put on your sweat-friendly clothes, your favorite playlist, and let’s go!

Jumping Jacks

  • Face in whatever direction you choose as the front.
  • Do eight jumping jacks, then turn ninety degrees clockwise and do eight more jumping jacks. Repeat in each direction (Front, side, back, other side).
  • After you’ve done eight on each side, do four on each side.
  • After you’ve done four on each side, do two on each side.
  • REPEAT going the opposite direction (if you turned clockwise the first time, go counterclockwise when you repeat).

If you’re staring to tire out, you can adjust for a little bit- do them halfway until you can jump back in again. To do them halfway, swing both arms up as if you were doing a jumping jack, but just step one leg out and in while the other leg stays in place.


Image via Womens Health

Rest for Thirty Seconds

During the rest you can pedal out your feet, pace, whatever you need to do to catch your breath.

Ten Jumping Lunges

Here is a very short video that shows you how to do jumping lunges, as well as the photo to the side.

Five Walk Outs

To do walk outs, start by folding over, touching your toes or as close to touching your toes as you can.

Once you are at a point where your hands are on the ground, walk your hands out until they are a little farther in front of you than in a plank. Stay there for a few seconds, then walk your hands back in. Repeat five times, for this work out. Begin your workout again from the jumping lunges and then rest for thirty more seconds.

TWENTY SIDE LUNGES. Here is a short video that shows you how to do side lunges.


Image via Pop Sugar


Rest for Thirty Seconds-One Minute

After this sequence, give yourself a quick challenge! Go back to the beginning of the song you’re on or skip to a new song, and run in place for the whole song. If you need to take a quick rest in the middle, do so, and then keep going for the rest of the song.

Rest for Thirty Seconds-One Minute

Then, repeat the above sequence. Now you know how your body might handle a certain exercise and if you need to alter anything. All together, the entire workout will probably take you around 20-25 minutes. Keep in mind, this is a pretty intense workout. Once you’re done, grab a snack, wash up (and do a quick reapplication of your makeup), and get back to your day!

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