How to Work Out When It’s Still Freezing In the Morning

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Does your motivation to work out drop down as low as the temperature on some cold mornings? You’re definitely not alone in the struggle to leave the warm sheets and slip on your workout clothes. I personally find that if I sleep in my workout clothes, it makes it easier roll out of bed because I don’t have to do the freezing transition from warm PJs. Sometimes the biggest speed bump in the morning workout routine can be the snooze button. It is beyond tempting to push the workout off by 5….10… hmm maybe 15 minutes, but motivational notes and reminders can prevent or at least reduce a little snooze button action. It goes without saying that going to bed at a reasonable hour will also make the morning wake- up call hurt a little less.


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There are so many options for working out in the cold. Of course, you could completely avoid the weather by remaining in your living room for the workout but getting out of bed may still be difficult. If you have a workout DVD or an at home gym, some loud music, motivation sticky notes, and sleeping in workout clothes may actually be enough to get out of bed. However, if you wake up and decide today is NOT for you, working out in the living room is always a good back up plan. Remember: what matters if that you work out not where you work out. There are a number of at-home workout circuits online and Google or Pinterest can be very good friends in finding them. Here are a few of my favorites: Workout With Your Couch, Five Minute Ab Workout , 15 Minute Leg Circuit, and How To Tone Arms Without Weights .

If you’re not so much for remaining at home for workouts, getting to the gym can be even tougher as it involves actually stepping out your front door. Before you cross the threshold getting your body temperature up with a quick circuit or even a set of 25 jumping jacks to make it an easier transition. Stretching can even be a good way to get your blood flowing before you leave the house.

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 Lastly if you’re planning on being in the cold for an extended amount of time, such as going on a run, warming up with stretches and a quick circuit indoors can make the transition to the outdoor more bearable. It is important to remember to dress in layers, cover most of your skin, and remember that materials such as polypropylene, capilene, and some wool/synthetic blends are the best material for wicking sweat away. Cotton tends to leave you wet, cold and uncomfortable.

 Consistency is key. After a few weeks of getting out of bed to workout, you may actually start to enjoy the early wakeup call and the cold wind at your back. Perhaps the best part of the cold, early morning workout is the after-workout hot shower and warm tea or coffee with breakfast. Some other helpful tips include running, or going to the gym with a friend. Working out with a friend can help keep you motivated to get out of bed or be at the workout on time because you are held responsible if you oversleep, over snooze, and ultimately blow off your friend. If you’re more of a night owl, all of these techniques can be useful in staying motivated after a long busy day when all you want to do is slump over on the couch. This may be the best instance to use the buddy system because you and your friend can motivate one another to go the extra mile….literally.

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