How to Become A Morning Person

Image via You Beauty

Image via You Beauty

Do you find yourself wishing you could start your mornings early? Well, below are some tips to help you begin your journey!

Sleep Earlier

With our hopes set high on rising with the sun, are we paying attention to our bedtime times? If you find yourself sleeping way after midnight, then you are prone to being more tired and sluggish once you wake up. Even though it may be tempting to immediately start sleeping as early as possible, you might find yourself giving up after a few days of trying. Instead of going to bed hours before your usual bedtime, try to sleep fifteen minutes earlier than you would. Then, continue increasing your sleep time by fifteen minute intervals each day. This will help you smoothly transition to a new wake up time in no time!

End Your Snooze Button Relationship

Let’s make it clear-the snooze button is the best friend of night owls. However, succumbing each morning to the button is actually bad for us. According to ASAP Science, hitting the snooze button is robbing us of sleep. Every time you hit the snooze button, your body falls back into another sleep stage. Yet, it is disrupted once your alarm goes off again. This is often known as fragment sleep, which causes grogginess, stress, and lack of energy throughout your day.

Nonetheless, there is still hope in breaking your snooze-hitting addiction! One strategy to help you start your day off like an early bird is to place your alarm across your room. By doing this, you’ll be forcing yourself to get out of bed and turn it off. Moreover, if you happen to use a phone as your alarm and worry it’s not loud enough, you can amplify its’ volume by placing it in a household item, such as a cup or a bowl. Lastly, one strategy that may work if all else fails would be placing your alarm in a (dry) spot in your bathroom. This may help you by encouraging yourself to start your day!

Start a Routine

Having a routine is one of the best ways to help you wake up earlier. It provides you with a for reason for waking up. Additionally, your routine should include productive habits for you to accomplish for the day. By having a routine filled with small habits, this will help you build your momentum to accomplishing greater goals throughout your day!

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