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Wouldn’t it be nice to rock out to your workout? Maybe you want something quick to get your heart rate up? Well, with this great workout set to Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” is sure to get your heart pumping and your lips singing! For this quick circuit all you need is a phone or some way of listening to the song, a mat, and dancing shoes are optional.

To start off settle down into child’s pose with your knees tucked under your tummy and your arms

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outstretched in front of you, stay here for 20 seconds.





Next, lift up into downward facing dog with your bottom raised in the air and your heels trying to press flat on the ground, stay here for  10 seconds.

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Next, sink your bottom down and keep your hands and feet in place for a nice upward facing dog. Really try to sink your hips down and stretch your head up to open up your heart area, remain here for 10 seconds and then repeat the routine up to this point.







After repeating the first part of the routine, sink into a right leg low lunge, focusing on staying in a straight line, stay here for 10 seconds and then switch legs for 10 seconds.

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In a lunge, turn your back foot while keeping your front foot in place and straightening your leg. Then stretch your arm corresponding with your lead leg and make a triangle. Stay here for 10 seconds and then switch sides for 10 seconds.

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Now stand up with your feet together and bend over at your waist to hug your knees. Keep a tight hug for 10 seconds.

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Place your hands shoulder width apart on the ground in front of you and step your feet back into downward facing dog for 10 seconds. Remember to lift your bottom into the sky and push the floor with your hands to ensure you receive the best stretch possible.

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Next step your feet back and move onto your elbow for a plank keep your core engaged by pulling your naval to your spine. Remain here for 20 seconds.








For the final 10 seconds, jump up and break it down! Bust out your best moves and let loose!

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